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“Through the Looking Box”

Our goal when developing Alice (the artificial intelligence behind our new automated empty space monitoring shred bins) was to solve the issue of waste and monthly scheduled shred bin pick ups.

We analyzed the different business processes involved in managing shred bins, then created a patent pending sensor that communicates with our data management system and we integrated smart technologies to handle all business processes involved in maintaining an autonomous shred bin. The result a beautiful sleek Alice 1.0, the brains behind it all.


Each shred bin sensor has a unique address stored in our database allowing it to communicate via cellular connection.  Alice uses the information she receives to send updates to the customer on the capacity status of their shred bin. Once the shred bin has indicated it’s full, Alice notifies the client of the scheduled shred bin clean out and performs all invoicing operations following the performed service.

Alice ensures you get what you pay for every time and at one low price, never a monthly fee. All materials are securely shredded and recycled to ensure positive green energy. Alice tracks the progress of the clients secure waste through each checkpoint and issues a certificate of destruction upon completion.

We have designed the platform to protect your business, the environment and your clients private information.  We have made sure to think of everything to bring you the most innovative shredding service on the market. It would be our pleasure to speak with anyone interested in learning more about our system.

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